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705: Centroid QTTN: Hand-folding Round
Status: Closed


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705 After 706

Yes, we are aware that puzzle 705 is coming three days after puzzle 706. This puzzle was supposed to go out before but there were some issues and we took some time to fix them. Enjoy the belated puzzle 705 (=

Note: You will need the latest client (April 26th or later) to play this puzzle.

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Please add suggestions to feedback

I started a feedback for suggestions about the centroid puzzle: http://fold.it/portal/node/995055

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Please note that this is an ADVANCED puzzle

Since we know this puzzle is going to be tough, please make sure to read the entire puzzle description before trying this puzzle out.

We also recommend that you read tamirh's blogpost about these new centroid puzzles: http://fold.it/portal/node/995050

There is no Introductory Tutorial Level for this type of puzzle yet, so we don't recommend this puzzle for beginners (unless you are very brave! :-)

Please leave any suggestions for Centroid puzzles in Susume's feedback:

Thank you!

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Chuck this in the garbage!

Centroid? Send this concept back to the Abyss whence it came.

Wiggle doesn't work. Rubber bands don't work. We're not allowed to touch sidechains. And yet the puzzle is still too complex for most computers to handle.


Can we get back to real puzzles, please? And then file centroids under "bad ideas".

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