client crash when deleting shared solution from track

Case number:845829-995041
Opened by:Bruno Kestemont
Opened on:Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 10:11
Last modified:Wednesday, June 5, 2013 - 15:31

On a secundary track (the track not niked to the server), it is possible to save and share a solution, but when trying to delete an old one, the client crashes systematically. This seems to be new to the latest version of Foldit.

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Could you give the exact steps you are doing to produce the crash?

I've tried creating 3 tracks, saving solutions for all of them. Switching between the tracks and uploading various saves, and then trying to delete the saves after changing to various different tracks. None of these deletes caused a crash for me.

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I share untill a message says that I should delete sharings.

Then I try to delete, from different PCs, windows stops the client (same for all clients).

Deletes sharing for myself or my group = same bug

Only for same protein. Same problem for 2 proteins latest days.

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Could you delete all my sharings unless the latest one on 707 please?

it is the second time I have this problem when i am the best placed of my team + for the puzzle, if I remember well, on multistart puzzles

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oups 708

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if you could at least delete for me in sharings 708... (we are running for the top on 708) .. tahnks in advance !

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Thanks for reporting this to us, Bruno. We'll have a look at this to see what we can do. Thanks!

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I found this was linked with the "French version" problem

With the English version now installed (after removing all old versions), this crash doesn't happen anymore.


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