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Maybe I've overseen this,
but as far as I know there is no way to get information if a segment is locked (grey-coloured) via script.
(I didn't find such thin in Lua V2 function description)

We do have:
structure.IsMutable to get 1 boolean information, if a segment is mutable.

freeze.IsFrozen to get 2 boolean informations, if a segment's backbone and/or sidechain is frozen.

It ould be nice to get such information for locked puzzle-segments, too.
This would allow us to avoid that a script tries to do things with segments,
where no changes are allowed by the type of puzzle.
Maybe this could also prevent some script/game crashes.

I know that there is a workaround by:
1. get score
2. try to move a single segment
3. get score again
4. compare with first value.
5. If score didn't change, segment seems to be locked

But this takes a lot of time!


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bool structure.IsLocked(int segmentIndex) already exists.

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I believe whoever was updating the Wiki may have stopped, or the script didn't grab all of the functions for some reason.

Here's a google doc with the current list of all the functions and descriptions (let me know if there are any inaccuracies):

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At least I miss the function help() that should give you a list of functions.

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Thanks, I've added it

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I see 3 functions I havent seen before: TweakRotate, TweakShift, TweakStraighten.
The text explaining TweakStraighten is clearly wrong.
Questions about these functions:
- are they really there?
- Shouldnt the parameters be a segmentrange? And the condition in that case: Range must include exactly 1 sheet/helix and may include loops.
- Might a Selected version of these be more usable?
- And shiftDirection must be specified (true is up?)

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Thanks for noticing the duplicated description. Looks like someone got a little too copy/paste zealous with those.

Yes, those functions exist. As for requests for changing them, could you make a new feedback? It's easier to keep track of everything like that. Thanks.

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See, I was guessing that this function does exist already,
but as you assumed, I couldn't find them in then Wiki,
so thanks for the link ;)

@Timo van der Laan/Tamirh:
Thanks for checking these things ;)

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IsLocked should return a tuple indicating backbone and sidechain locked. I can't find my original request. So I guess a triple (bb or sc, bb, sc) would be best.

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Anyone know if any of these LUA functions TweakRotate, TweakShift, TweakStraighten really exist/work like tamirh said in post #6 above?

And if not, why? Did I miss an announcement about them being disabled?

Or if they do exist, can you give an example how to use them?

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Tlaloc put in the stubs for those functions because they were the next ones he was going to implement when he wrote the Lua 2 interface. Sadly, they ran out of time on his contract before he could get tweak implemented.

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If it doesn't show up Lua Help finder , it's not available for scripting. This script is automatically *always* up to date; it will only be wrong(*) if they add a new namespace.

Tlaloc abandoned the tweak functions to finish something else, it was either bands in space or dialogs. I think he made the right choice there.

(*) Only foldit functions are supported; for LUA standard namespaces, see or a LUA manual.

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Thanks Susume and brow42 for these very clear answers.


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