New achievement added!

Back in 2011 we congratulated Bletchley Park for being one of the first players to surpass the one million moves required for the Perpetual Motion Machine achievement. Two years later, BP has reached a whopping fifty million moves -- and then some! We've created a brand new achievement to mark the occasion...

Congratulations, Bletchley Park!

( Posted by  katfish 80 1779  |  Fri, 04/19/2013 - 22:11  |  7 comments )
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Well thank you :-) I am quite

Well thank you :-) I am quite honored ! What a nice surprise :)

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Bletchley Park

I would like to extend my congratulations also to a fine player.

>>>>> Aubade00

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I would call being able to sit in your chair in front of a computer for that long over a short period of time unhealthy.

The cost of Science, Priceless.

Well done BP !!!

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BP, in 2 years time the

BP, in 2 years time the thermodynamic police will be on your doorstep. :-)

Congrats, Timo.

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Way to go!

Way to go BP! This is nearly 5 times the number of minutes that have gone into my life to date. Very impressive :)

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Got the Watch?

Maybe FoldIt will buy you the watch to celebrate the occasion ?

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Thank you all for your nice comments :)

Thank you all for your nice comments :)
@Angus, that was a surprise, thank you for the link. Maybe Foldit originally wanted to name the achievement the Enigma'tic Motion Machine :)

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