Translation/rotation arrows remain fixed when restoring best, undoing etc.

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Occurred in Puzzle 691 - 60 Residue Tetramer

I was rotating my protein in place (in pull mode), by left-clicking then using the arrows. I then decided to restore to "Crdt Best".

Although the protein moves back to the position it was back then, the arrows remain stationary.

Suggest arrows are removed.

Screenshot attached.

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Comment: If I've just translated a protein using the arrows, it would make sense for the arrows to move back to the old position rather than being removed.

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When restoring a position any active selection stays active. So if that selection contains a helix or a sheet arrows stay in place. It is a feature, not a bug.

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What about the following scenario:

1. left click protein to bring up arrows. (These are not the "tweak" arrows)
2. command-click and drag "translation" arrows to move the protein around (along with the arrows).
3. command-Z (undo) then moves the protein back, but not the arrows.

So "Undo" has not undone everything.

As a knock-on effect, if we then use the rotation arrows, the protein is rotated around the incorrect arrow position- not around the segment that was clicked.


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