Voids don't move when translating/rotating protein

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Showed on Mac version (up to date as of 6/4/13).
Occurs for any editable protein, e.g. Puzzle 691 Residue Tetramer.

To reproduce,

- Load up any fully editable protein in Pull mode.
- Ensure "Show voids" is ticked in "View" menu.
- Left-click protein to highlight purple translate/rotate arrows.
- rotate or translate the protein using click-and-drag, ctrl-click-and-drag and command-click-and-drag.

Problem: whilst translation/rotation is in progress, the voids remain motionliess, ie. don't move with the protein. (However when the mouse button is released, the incorrect voids disappear and new voids appear in the correct place.)

I'm aware the old voids are, well, void, once the protein has been moved and new voids would need to be computed.

I was able to capture an example image - see attached.

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 11.26.28 PM.png198.68 KB
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Thanks for bringing this up. If we do any updates to the void rendering we will probably look into this, but lowering priority for now.


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