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I cannot play this puzzle :
- wiggle doesn't work at all or with bands make the protein have big moves,
- mutate all put always the same AA even on segment inside the protein.

I amnot sure that to have different score to each puzzle is the best way.

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Maybe we should start with a trimer half fold as the biologists wanted for a while and dont try do do this de novo.
Remember that we are here for the fun.

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Have a feeling they might be using 695 as a control puzzle, and if so, it seems to be working well. No file growth of speak of and no ( as of yet ) OpenGL faults that tanked all my clients on 691, post devprev update.
Outside of the Residue IE filter, this is what mutable symmetry used to be all about. They used to work well, even if I never did score well on them, and I would like to see them work well again..
As long as it works well, I, and my team, will play it..

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I am having the same issues. Wiggle is hit and miss, clash importance doesn't seem to affect mutate that much. There is definitely something odd with this puzzle. Mutate sets everything to Arginine and it should not score this well (gets to rank 10).(see the attached image)

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A couple things I notice:

Scores don't refresh well. I don't know if this is usual, but when I was at rank 2, a team-member saw me at rank 10. Same thing happened multiple times, and vice versa as well.

Mutate (automatic) dosen't like using any sidechanes other than arginine.

Dosen't compact well at all-I have one of the best scoring solutions (35735, rank 11, rank 2 last night)and it's.... well.... I'll attach a screenshot.

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Correction: I am getting a couple of Lysines from mutate.

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In fact, I can get almost to 35500 n 15 seconds. That's almost the top 20. See the attached picture.

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Thank you for all your feedback. Our apologies for not addressing these issues sooner, we were trying to see if we could salvage this puzzle, but it doesn't seem to be feasible.

We will probably close this puzzle soon and post a different version in devprev.

More info here:

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See http://fold.it/portal/node/992823 for the devprev versions of this puzzle.


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