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CI randomly stops working. Sometimes the score barely changes when you move the bar up and down (left and right).

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Clashing Importance doesn't have a direct affect on your score.

What it does is change the weighting of the Van der Walls forces ( in the minimization function. This allows the protein to collapse into itself more where as if the CI were at 1.0, the protein may push away from itself and unravel.

If the van der walls forces didn't have a large affect on the protein before you lowered the CI, then it would be expected that you wouldn't see very much of a change.

Could you explain the situation you think is a bug? Perhaps with some screenshots or saved solutions to look at?

Reassigning priority, 1 is kept for game breaking issues.

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Some background info on a common player strategy: Whenever wiggle seems to get stuck, one way to get it moving again is to lower the CI significantly in the middle of the wiggle, which normally causes the score to fall quickly. Then when you push CI back to what it was before, the score will climb back to roughly where it was, sometimes higher, sometimes (in the case where wiggle was actually stuck) much higher. This is especially useful on puzzles where wiggle gets stuck easily, but it can be used on any puzzle.

Normal behavior is that the score drops during wiggle when CI is lowered and rises when it's raised; if you have already gotten all the points you can from a certain pose then it just doesn't rise beyond a certain point. What is not normal is when significantly lowering the CI during the wiggle fails to lower the score. Wiggle appears to many players to have momentum; if you can't lower the score, you can't get the running start needed to break past the score it is stuck at. This strategy is a hand-folding variety of fusing (shaking and/or wiggling at low CI followed by wiggling at high CI), which the Baker lab published a paper about.


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