On 691: client hangs, restart gives only 15708

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On 691: client hangs, restart gives only 15708 while Best Credit Score on site and client shows 15746.

Disable slow filters was not checked.

Sorry, no log or save to offer, I was not thinking and restarted the client on same track...

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Same thing just happened to me, except without the hang. I shut down normally, (rebooted) started up and had a lower score. Autosaved credit best showed the higher score, but loading it gave the same lower score as the track already had.

Wiggling immediately restored part of what I had lost due to 1 of the invalid residues becoming valid, leading me to wonder if the problem is something like precision of the positions and angles of the saved solution being different to what is used live, and when loading, the difference in precision might result in some segments being considered differently by the filters.

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See also: http://fold.it/portal/node/994713
It looks like the same problem.

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As noted by timo, filters mess with restore recent best. A consequence of this is that you will almost always be hanging on the edge of a cliff.

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I think it is linked to


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