absolutebest not equal to creditbest score

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Opened on:Monday, March 18, 2013 - 01:08
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Got this solution saved for Myself on 687 under the name: Bug Very Best vs Credit Best (@score 9531)

If you load it and do nothing else than run this recipe:


The output will be:

You can also click the two hearts in the Undo window for the same result.

absolutebest should allways be equal to (or higher than) creditbest on a single track like this one that generated the creditbest score in the first place. Even if I Wiggle Sidechains to increase the creditbest score, the absolutebest score still returns the lower value. Only changing tracks did update the absolutebest value.

I did use the Disable slow filters checkbox at one time for a recipe.

I don't think it should happen :)

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Thanks, I'll look into this.

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I'd seen this too, when the absolute best was obtained with slow filters disabled. With them re-enabled, the score of the absolute best pose is lower than the score of the credit best pose.

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same as here:


=> I close this duplicate

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@ bruno.kestemont:

I would greatly appreciate it if you did not close feedback that is not your own and that devs are actively looking into at the moment.

I am pretty sure that tamirh will close it in time with proper feedback when he has completed his investigation.

Thank you

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reassigning, tjbertram has been looking into these issues.


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