"Too many polar residues in the core."

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Opened on:Saturday, March 16, 2013 - 05:19
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Puzzle 687 has the same bug I reported in the last 4-filter design puzzle. I have the penalty "Too many polar residues in the core."

Highlighted are alanines, valines, phenylalanines, and even a tryptophan or two (the most hydrophobic residue of them all).

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Please review your filer algorithm. I think it's broken.

And, yes, I have a screenshot of the offending filter results, this time.

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Some of the filters, when you click on them, highlight a zone instead of violating residues. I know for sure, the core existence filter highlights the entire core (to show you want it thinks the core is). I think they all this except the IE filter, the only one that specifically rejects residues.

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Thanks for giving us a screenshot with this, Boots, as we were unable to reproduce what you were describing.
Whenever we put Alanines in the core it never trigged the 'polar core' filter since the code just checks the residue type is_polar() flag.

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Hi Brow, thanks for letting us know about this issue. What the filter does for the "Polar Core" visualization is it just shows you which residues it considers are in the core no matter what type of residue they are.

You are not being penalized for all of the reisdues it is showing, it's just showing you what is considers the core. I think the visualization and text with the filter should be much clearer. We will modify it for the next release.


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Hi, I am not sure if this was fixed, it seems in the sym puzzle 742 that the entire active strand is 'core' it is all lit up even if a part of it is buried in the non active parts. Is there a simple example or explanation of this feature please?

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Closing this feedback, due to the implementation of a new color scheme with puzzle 1014.


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