Change logfile to a rolling logfile

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Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Sunday, March 10, 2013 - 03:30
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In order to prevent the issues Hanto is having, maybe it is an easy change to make the logfile a maximum of 10 logfiles of 10 MB each. If the log system is using something like log4j this should be easy.

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I'm having only tiny hassle folks, now that I know what the REAL issue is, I can compensate rather easily, just means shutting, possibly rebooting, removing files that shouldn't exist in the fashion that they do exist, and then restarting a bunch of clients that a person shouldn't have to restart. Just a hassle for me, it's a very REAL danger for everyone else, unless they keep their heads in the sand and believe their file systems can somehow continue to function normally with fragmentation being continually added to their O/S partition. Only a very foolish or computer illiterate person does that to a major investment like their computer.
Somewhere along the line, a bunch of you will finally shut down in hopes of rebooting normally, and find the reboot does NOT occur properly, and when that happens, I'll still be running along just fine doing my updates, defragging, browsing all at the same time that I am running 16 clients, only hassled a little bit by a programming mistake that should never have been allowed to occur in the first place..
Watching my Foldit partition properties now, in fact keeping it active almost oontinually, have only 3.5 GBs left, meaning by tonite sometimes I will be deleting junk files from a partiton. Very little hassle for me, but it will become much more then a hassle for others when their O/S fails to boot. I will not be the one suffering because of the way I configure my computers to function with so little danger to my O/S.

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27 Gb (TWENTYSEVEN GIGABYTE) logfile.... In a matter of days. Brings the clients to a crawl.

This has to change. Please switch off whatever is causing this.

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Make that 34 Gigabyte, up by a shocking SEVEN GIG since my previous post 20 minuted ago !

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I've removed a lot of the log output we don't need that rosetta produces. That change should go out in the next devprev version. In the mean time, log files are cleared out whenever you restart the client.

If you have multiple clients running from the same folder, you will have to close all of them for the log file to be cleared out.


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