annoying noise created by foldit

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while foldit is up and running(as of new update and whether muted or sound working) it constantly produces a weird and annoying noise. its sounds like an E-E-E-E(very electronic, almost like birds cheeping nonstop). the only way to stop it was to completely disconnect my speakers. help :(

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changing to bug

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Desktop or laptop? What kind of computer? (Mac, Windows etc.)

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windows, desktop win7. i can post the dxdiag?

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There is a bug if you have show voids turned on and you minimize client; the game saves up all the void popping sounds and plays them all at once when you restore client (which can also make client appear inactive for minutes at a time). This may have been the sound. (My kids find this behavior hilarious, fwiw.)

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I experience the same thing. Win7 on an HP Pavillion HPE desktop. I hear it even with the game sounds muted, but not every time I play. It's not the speakers, because when I close the game clients, the noise stops.

I just turn the speakers off completely when I play. I have enough troubles, with this game crashing on me every time I run a Lua2 script.

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For those of you experiencing this, do you get it when you play other games? Does it happen with DirectX games or just OpenGL games? Does it happen with other games that use OpenAL (

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Nope, only this. And I know all my drivers are fine.


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