Script Stops when you right click a band in selection interface.

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Opened on:Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 18:27
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As the title suggests, if you are running a script and there are some bands, if you right click one of them while your script is going, it will automatically stop the script without warning. Possible fix would be to disable the right click feature while a script is running.

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Is there a particular script this happens on?

I was trying to get this to happen, but I couldn't with the scripts I tried. I could right click and enable, disable, set band strength or length and the script kept going. I've tested on Windows and Linux

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well thats odd, i was using one of my simple scripts that does some banding and set strength and length and all that. in the new recipe i shared "asymmetry symmetry maker" on starting asymmetry puzzle. normally you can leave it running and it will continue to band, however, if you right click on any of these bands, it stops the entire banding process and skips to the next step. i think it just exits out of my for loop for some reason when i do it.


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