2013-01-15-53170-win_x86-devprev open handles leak

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Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Friday, January 25, 2013 - 20:32
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There is a growing number of open handles in this client.
We have had this issue in the past.

I had 135.000+ open handles which slows down the system.

I restarted the PC and in a relatively short time (hour) it has grown the number of handles again to 17800.
The number goes up and down, but the net result is growing number of open handles.


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Thanks for the report, Bletchley. Assigning this one out.

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Is that all on one client?

I have a WinXP client that's been running almost 3 days without a crash (amazing in itself !), and it only has 612 handles open while running recipes on 670. It's had over half-a-billion page faults, but that's a different issue.

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This was on a system that had run at most 7 concurrent clients, of which several had crashed over time.

Your page faults are caused by memory being swapped out to disk. Pagefault is a name for memory that is not in physical memory bur 'paged' out to disk. These pages are usually 4 kilobytes in size. It is normal behaviour in a PC, but will impact performance significantly. If you have plenty of RAM (12+ Gb) I recommend you turn off the swap file in windows.

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Is there a specific puzzle where this happens most, or a specific recipe to run?

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I'd try one with lots of mutates and lots of banding.
Mutate combo for mutates for example on 670. gab may give enough bands and try a small puzzle where bands are quickly created and destroyed again.

The underlying idea is that whatever is done, is done often and involves a step of creating and changing/deleting. Wiggle and shake will likely have nothing to do with it.

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I've also run the client for some time, running Mutate combo on 670 and didn't see an increase in open handles - are you using a specific program to view open handles?

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Windows task manager, its now at 39000 again. 'some time' may be read as overnight, 24 hours. Multiple clients. You might try a heavy banding script ?

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Can you use Performance Monitor to see how many handles the Foldit process is using and what they are?


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Thank you for that suggestion. You are correct, foldit is not the cause of the increasing handles issue. I retract my feedback and apologize for the work it caused.

I use Gigabyte motherboards on all my systems, a tool that comes with the boards is causing it.


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