669 evo that was a solo

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when i started 669 i was originally playing offline and i started it and kept going for a solid 5 hours. When i finally logged in to play online and continue my solo it loaded it as an evo. Is there anyway to change it back to a solo. I don't like playing a solo in an evo, I dont pass anyone(well not many) and my points wont be counted correctly for solo's and evo's.

Please help :(

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yeah, when you play offline there's no user attached to your current session, so when you connect and open the save, the game considers it as an all-hand evo. this bugged me quite a few times. for the same reason, it asks you forever to play again the tutorials. this makes the offline mode pretty useless.

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is it possible to somehow attach a unique identifier to a computer so that it still recognizes you're on the same computer and is still you. that way it may not say the user has done x,y,or z but that whoever is on the computer has? then it makes offline not useless and still semi-helpful when you have no internet.

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+∞. it's way too disappointing playing offline for nothing

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guess i'll create a formal suggestion then.

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This is a topic we can explore together going forward. For now what we can do is to add a warning dialog to let you know that your score will be recorded as Evo when playing offline. This should help make sure everyone is aware before investing play time in an offline session.

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A short warning has been added to the dialog that shows up when you click "Play offline".

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I don't really think the warning is worded right in my opinion when it says it prevents you from uploading your score, that's partially true. it should say something like "if you resume solution/s in online mode, it will not be counted as a solo" or something like that. Because you can still get your solution counted once you resume in online.

Also, as part of my suggestion earlier(i know it low on the priority list) can you make it so that instead of solutions being tied to a user, they're attached to a computer/user. for example if I'm in offline mode and i come back online(when i have internet) i would still like to continue as a solo, not an evo. Some of aren't connected to the internet all the time.

Just as we all have an irc key we can just as easily have a unique id for a computer. Just attach the computers unique id to where the username would normally go and once someone opens it(primary account on that computer) it binds to them like a normal solo. that way you don't have to feel like everything you've done was in vain and not make offline mode a disappointment. as it stand, if something like this happened, people would use offline a little more because what you did there would actually matter a little now.

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Yes, I added something to the dialog as you suggest. It now includes the text:

"Any solutions saved while playing offline will be loaded as evolver once you log in."


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