modify dialog.AddSlider() in lua v2

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with the slider i would appreciate it instead of only having increments of 1,.1,.01 etc i would like to be able to specify an increment. so if my slider was dialog.AddSlider("xxxx",4,2,10,0) so its from 0-10 and starts at 4 but i want it to go by increments of 2.

So maybe just add a last field to modify the delta and make it dialog.AddSlider("xxxx",4,2,10,1,D) where D is the increment you wish to go by between steps. so if D was .5 it would go from 2 to 2.5,3,3.5,4 and so on. that way it adds a little more control over the recipe. becuase sometimes you just dont need the numbers in between.

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i should reclarify i want the D to be how much it steps between each or drag of the slider. so if you were going from 0-100 and the D was 5 it would skip by 5's from where ever you started.

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Changed priority and filed under bug. Setting increment to a negative value (tried to get steps of 10s and 100s) crashes the client. The initial suggestion remains relevant though.

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argh. sorry for that

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update. snippet code

local ask = dialog.CreateDialog("Test crash")
ask.OK = dialog.AddSlider("OK", 1,0,10,-1)
ask.Cancel = dialog.AddButton("Cancel", 0)

log tail

  1: no symbol (no line) (*13)

attached file is wine backtrace

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I think this is still a problem. I was debugging a 
recipe the other day containg a slider line like below:


This line was to make a slider starting with the value 
50 that would go from 1 to 1000 in increments of 10. 
My recipe crashed Foldit multiple times, I assume because 
of the -1 in the line above. I chose -1 because 0 is to 
increment by 1, 1 is to increment by 0.1, 2 is to increment 
by 0.01, and 3 is to increment by 0.001. I figured -1 would 
increment by 10, -2 would increment by 100, and -3 would 
increment by 1000.

Please change dialog.AddSlider so that it can handle 
increments of 10 or more.

For more details, follow the link below:

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