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Opened on:Saturday, December 1, 2012 - 22:40
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While trying to finish Flippin' Sheets (4-3) in devprev (to assist a new player in global) I find that flipping the sheet towards me and shaking and wiggling very often does not lead anywhere near the desired score. Instead, just shaking and wiggling it as-is (!) will move the score way beyond the target score. New players will be confused. Is there a random aspect involved ?

Can this please be reviewed ?

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Thanks for catching this... It doesn't seem exclusive to devprev as I was able to beat this level in main by just shaking/wiggling/pulling.

I was, however, able to beat the level in devprev every time by shifting to the right, shaking, and wiggling...

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Increased the completion score to prevent one from being able to "complete" the puzzle by only performing a shake and a wiggle.
Also improved the instructions to be more clear about what we want the puzzle to teach.


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