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Tonight on PBS, scienceNOW aired an episode highlighting Foldit. This is bringing an influx of new users to our community. You may find the website and game client running slower. Please bear with us while the servers are under heavy load.

For the new players, go here (http://fold.it/portal/node/988864) to see how to download/install the game. Then Check out the FAQ (http://fold.it/portal/info/faq) and Wiki (http://foldit.wikia.com/) for more. If you are in the game, feel free to ask questions in the chat box.

Welcome to Foldit (=

NOTE: If you get stuck on the intro levels, check out the wiki for hints: http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Tutorial_Puzzles

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Trying it out now :) I first

Trying it out now :) I first saw it on PBS in Detroit a few hours ago, the re-run reminded me of it and I still haven't turned you guys off :)

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is this show available

is this show available online?

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may be available later today


The above link is the main page of PBS Science Now. Under the "New Content" box it looks like they post their stories weekly the day after they broadcast, so I'm guessing the foldit related story may pop up in that window later today.

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PBS Show online now.
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not available

also not available
also not in the US

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Not available.

It says the video is not available. Would this be because I'm not in the US?

I did catch a piece on FoldIt on CBC Radio today.


Starts 35 minutes in

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PBS videos outside the US

According to the PBS site (http://www.pbs.org/about/faq/troubleshoot/watching-online/) not all of their programs are available for streaming if you are outside the US.

You can try getting it from http://video.pbs.org/feature/86/ which is the international collection of videos.

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