model missing in 649-2

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Opened on:Saturday, November 10, 2012 - 14:11
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There are 7 models listed in the threading window, albeit without names zhang and quark.
When cycling with reset puzzle, only 6 are shown, quark5 is missing in the cycling and zhang 5 comes before zhang 4.

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I see the same thing when cycling through the starts. There are only 6.

Here's what I see:

S/1 = Q1
S/2 = Q2
S/3 = Q3
S/4 = Q4
S/5 = Z5
S/6 = Z4

This puzzle shouldn't even be named 649 since there already is a 649. There are several issues here that would make it fine by me if this one simply went away. lol

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I found out that there is no quark 5. The extra model in the threading window is a straight backbone for qttn type of approaches. I retract the bug report. (Although naming the templates TMPL instead of quark and zhang could be considered a bug).


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