Puzzle 634 doesn't allow me to use all tools while in density cloud.

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For example, if I want to freeze a section before working on next section I'm unable to. The protein quivers while in the cloud and tools don't work properly.

If I move the protein away from the cloud I'm able to freeze whatever I want. And, the quivering stops. Once I move it back into the density cloud, the frozen part immediately becomes unfrozen and starts quivering again.

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After playing with it a bit more manually, I've tried changing density of cloud and puzzle structure. Cloud density isn't issue. Structure is. The issue only presents itself when working with helix or sheet. All loops is fine.

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No such problems here, maybe OS related? I am using windows7 32bit on this one

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It may in fact be OS related. I shared the solution to self and grabbed it on an old XP machine and the problem disappears. It only presents in win7 for me.

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I'm using win7 64bit with 16GB RAM. I have 7 clients running with only 47% RAM and 67-71% cpu usage. problem presented itself while I only had 4 clients going. It's only an issue when doing manual work. Recipes seem to be running fine.

And, I've done other ED puzzles without this issue.

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puzzle OS specific closing


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