Evolver condition seesaws

Case number:699969-993579
Opened by:gitwut
Opened on:Monday, September 24, 2012 - 03:34
Last modified:Monday, September 24, 2012 - 03:34

I loaded a new evo puzzle and started a script. The evo condition was met and the bonus/condition status text turned blue as is normal. Each time the current score dips below the original evo score the text turns red and the evo required message say it hasn't been met. Each time the score rises above the evo requirement I get the floating "evolved" message in big letters and everything looks normal again. This keeps happening until I stop the script run the reset script (restoring credit best would probably do the same). Seems normal afterwards.

This is repeatable. The evolver puzzle is Contenders group shared Mk7615.965 and the script that evovles it is Rav3n_pl Mutate Combo 1.4

pauldunn suggested that if a recipe keeps on loading a save slot that wasn't evo'd then you could see this behavior. The output of the script seems to correlate to what Paul suggests.

The question then followed whether or not this is behavior as intended or a bug? Should a script have the ability to produce the observed behavior? You might want to look at this evenings global chat log for the discussion (susume2, pauldunn, smilingone and gitwut). smilingone also wonders if this scripting method could also be causing the spontaneous cutpoint problem.

I inadvertently closed a rank 1 puzzle for an hour because I had several copies running and thought that it was an un-evolved version (assuming that the rank 1 puzzle must have been on another evolved client). An hour later I realized that the rank 1 client was not open/running.

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