compatability problem with netbooks?

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I have an ASUS netbook running windows 7 starter version. The program appears to instal properly, but when opened, the gray login box only has a few characters of text displayed, and the prograom stops responding shortly after. A friend on mine with a Gateway netbook had the same problem.

Is there a fix for this?

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What sort of video card do you have on your netbook? Could you update the drivers to the latest version and see if that helps? Have you had any problems with other OpenGL apps?

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I've just got the internal graphics card...
Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator 3600 Series

The device manager says the driver is up to date.

So far this is the only program that has caused me trouble, but it's a new computer so I'm still getting it set up.

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Could you try getting drives from here:

The device manager isn't very good at actually telling you if you have the latest drivers. It will just give you what Microsoft has as the latest, you want the driver straight from Intel.

Read a bit more about it here

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The intel widget also says that I have the most recent version of the driver(

I'm finding scattered reports of other people with this chipset having OpenGL font issues

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I've been playing since last October on an ASUS Eee PC, and so far the only problem I've had (still have) is that for some menus (electron density and graph properties) the close-the-menu X falls under the Rank/Score board, so once I open them I can't close them.

Other than that, I have rarely had a problem. I guess this is a good news/bad news thing - yes, it's possible to play on a netbook, no, I have no idea which setting on yours needs changing.

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I had an older ASUS running XP and it worked just fine on that, so it's not all of them, just some, which is the worst kind of problem to run down.

(PS: beautiful Fair Isle knitting in your avatar! Yours?)


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