Cut + Mutate = Explode

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Opened on:Thursday, September 6, 2012 - 02:33
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We want to work the sepsis puzzle some more, with the cut and move tool...but the cut tool has a bug in design puzzles that must be fixed first. 100% repeatable from a cold start:

1) Launch Foldit, Load Sepsis 625
2) Reset Puzzle
3) Design Mode (orig interface) Insert 3 at segment 82 (gly B 190)
4) Pull Mode Cut at 82 (ala was gly B 189 A)
5) Design Mode Delete at 83 (ala was gly B 189 B)
6) Wiggle

The blue cutpoint will now try to push as far apart as possible. If you make it yellow and close it, the segment will still stretch as much as it can. Step 3 was just to give room for this to happen, it is not part of the bug. Clash importance is ignored. Can only be repaired by local wiggle or rebuild, only by closing the cutpoint and deleting all involved segments.


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This bug should be fixed in the next release.


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