Beginner 615 (TR 754) is metallorganic

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This puzzle, which had no fewer than 8 cysteines, many close together, is actually a metallogranic. Many players, including myself, worked very hard to get at least 3 bridges out of those 8 cysteines. The native (2lv9) has been released; it turns out there are no disulfide bridges, and 7 of the 8 cys are coordinated with either of 2 zinc atoms. These atoms aren't in the puzzle. They aren't hinted at in the CASP target info. How can we, or Rosetta@Home, or any other server, fold without these atoms present? Are they to be inferred from the void and the apparent positioning of 3-4 S atoms? Isn't it a bit disingenuous to present refinement puzzle without all the atoms? Or was the Zn truly invisible in the NMR? And if so, how did they know it was there?

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Question was answered, but not really answered. :-/


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