add a band while wiggling causing crash

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Not entirely sure why adding a single band manually whilst wiggling is crashing the entire program.
the end of the log file follows:

Playing sound: 3
Tool on_action_complete called
core.scoring.NeighborList: Minimization stats: 149 score/deriv cals, 26 narrow-from-wide updates, 0 full updates.
core.scoring.NeighborList: Minimization stats: 8 score/deriv cals, 0 narrow-from-wide updates, 0 full updates.
delta_score: 119.461
Playing sound: 5

nothing after this.

As I have sound turned off within foldit it is unclear to me as to why the program is wasting energy attempting to play sounds so frequently.

playing exploration puzzle on win 7 in devprev latest version, advanced interface.

I note also that band snap (whilst the protein is entirely immobile) now seems very sloppy, it used to snap nicely into the 'space'(without use of the new alt key function). Also the tendency of the band to remain attached to the mouse seems to have increased. My perception of course.
I did search on ''√°dd band crash'' in previous feedbacks but they seemed to all be related to recipes

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Here is your and marie_s's last post on the subject: .

I've been adding and removing bands during manual wiggle and during recipe wiggle for the past several weeks and not had a single crash. I still think there's some sort of race condition in there where you can't issue a gui action while it's still performing the previous action (Not Responding instead of Crash).

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