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When replying to a specific person in a forum or in puzzle comments, your comment dosen't go under their post, it get's dropped down to the end of the list like a regular reply.

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What does everyone think about the threaded vs. flat view for comments? Personally, I'm used to forums that use the flat view so I prefer them because it keeps everything linear in time. I can see how the threaded view might be easier to read also. Thoughts? Opinions?

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In some rather heated feedback posts with many responses, even with the threaded comments people got confused. With flat comments, it would become very difficult.

It would be a good thing if people got into the habit of noting @ who they were responding to in a thread, whether flat or threaded

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I prefer flat view, easier to find new posts in large posts.

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I also prefer flat view. Especially since conversations can get resurrected from months or years prior, quickly finding the new comment(s) is important to me.

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You could have a button on the screen to switch between flat view and threaded view. Then users can decide based on personal preferences and their needs at a particular moment. Also, when someone clicks "reply", it could automatically say "response to comment #1 by tamirh from Wed, 08/22/2012 - 14:52".

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Closed, old.


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