Ingame client not updating scoreboard since server crash yesterday

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Opened on:Thursday, August 9, 2012 - 19:17
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Not sure if tamirh saw this before leaving ops room today, but ingame scoreboards are frozen since the crash on 8-8.

And this feedback is writing in italics...? Not something I did, looks like italics are now default?

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Apparently when you are writing, it displays as italics...

...but posts as normal text

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Seth just fixed this (the game scores not updating). See if they're working now.

I have no idea about the italics thing, is it still happening?

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There were no italics for you when you typed your comment?

Ignore the yellow box, the Screengrab program did that as I did the screenshot:

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I'm on a Mac 10.7.4 and don't see italics when I type (checked using Google Chrome & Safari)

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It's fine for me. PC, IE.


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