Wiggle frequently getting stuck (recent update)

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Opened by:Heinermann
Opened on:Saturday, July 28, 2012 - 04:07
Last modified:Thursday, August 2, 2012 - 18:49

Recently, the Wiggle tool has been getting stuck.

For example:
1. Perform a manual local rebuild.
2. Shake then wiggle as you would normally.

Some of the time (more frequently than in the past), the protein will not move at all.

Workaround: Nudging the protein first and then wiggling will solve the problem in most cases.

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is this in the latest update to "main" or in the most recent "devprev" update?

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It is in main.

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not at all a recent problem. Also particularly common after using strength 10 bands. After removing the bands, it just sits there. You have to manually nudge the protein with the pull tool, or a low CI shake, or (very) low CI wiggle. See for example http://fold.it/portal/node/992533 . It's not puzzle specific, it happens quite commonly.

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Right, it is not a recent problem, but the frequency of the problem has increased dramatically.


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