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This puzzle is worth 120 global points!

More details about this puzzle in the blog:

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Tip: To see the parts of the

Tip: To see the parts of the sugar that you can bond to, check Show bonds (non-protein) and Show bondable atoms in the View menu. Make sure Show bonds (loop) and Show bonds (sidechain) are also on. Blue can bond to red, and purple can bond to either blue or red.

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see feedback
thx Susume and Seth

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subscore discrepancy

current.GetSegmentEnergySubscore(M,"bonding") does not return the same value for the ligand as the Tab key.

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Thanks for reporting the

Thanks for reporting the score discrepancy in scripting. The tab key is reporting the correct number. That has been fixed and will be part of the next update.

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Is this puzzle closed, open

Is this puzzle closed, open or lost in-between? It's 2:13 past closing time but still shows "Active" and no points assigned.

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