Chat contents is not blanked anymore in pictures send

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Opened on:Sunday, July 15, 2012 - 14:13
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At least when I send to my group the box is still visible and filled. Have not tried it in global.

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I've seen it in Global as well, even the Group chat was visible when screenshot was sent to Global.

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I think I've noticed inconsistent blanking since the feature was added. There's always been something of a race condition in screen shots. Notice sometimes it says 'click to make a screenshot' and sometimes not? Remember when that message was a huge dialog with a greying of the entire screen? But it's showed up inconsistently? It seems the screenshot is taken inconsistently before the drawing thread is doing whatever it is supposed to draw before the screen shot happens.

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Is this happening consistently for anyone, or is it random like it is for brow42?

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Second attempt to post this. Somehow first reply got lost.

One of my teammates made a lot of pictures on the trimer puzzle.
In all of them the chat contents was still there.
He runs Windows7 Pro 64 bit.

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I just posted to my group chat and though the chat window went blank while it was processing it was full of chat when the image appeared. I am devpre, MAC.

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I've added some calls to try to synchronize the rendering and screenshot. Once this is posted to devprev, please let me know if the problem persists.


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