No move tool on 586

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Opened on:Monday, June 25, 2012 - 22:31
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i'm using devprev and there's no move tool on that puzzle

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That is correct.
Single chain prediction puzzles without cutpoints do not have the Move Tool.

Once the next update posts to devprev & main, we will be able to add Cutpoints and the Move Tool to non-template puzzles:

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This is intentional. The move tool is not available on all puzzles. We generally provide it when it may be useful. As moving the protein in this puzzle has no effect, we did not provide it. (It *is* useful when you have the cut tool, and if you are using the selection interface and are inserting cuts, this is a bug).

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i have cut tool…

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the cut tool that you see is a bug, same as this feedback:


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