573b solutions load with two bad spots in 580

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Opened on:Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 09:13
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The solutions for 573b are saved without problem and in good shape.
When loaded into 580 there are two distinct areas that score very badly, -200.000 points.

This seems like a bug to me.

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residues 88 (-26238),89 (-26216) and 129 (-81012), 130 (-81036)

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More info: the difference in scoring between 573b and 580 is completely in the backbone score.
I loaded the solution in 2 clients, one running 573b the other running 580 and compared the scores.

I also noticed this:
Residu 129 does not have a backbone score in 573b... but has a negative score in 580.

Neither do 1,5,11,17,19, 20, 32 ... 74,75,79 in 573b. I stopped checking.
Surely this must be a display issue with the Tab window ?

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The tab window does not show a score if it is exactly 0 (after rounding to integer). A little annoying since it makes scores move around in the window. So the question is, are these score ~0, and why.

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Just to add to this.

The saved solution was from my 573b solo in which I had manually added cutpoints at those segments.

Loading my best solo from 573b in 580 shows a score of -200K points with similar bad areas where I had previously used cutpoints. This appears to be an artifact of using cutpoints.

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hopefully we can figure out this bug ASAP!

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I had the same experience, but after fixing the bad spots I was able to get the puzzle about 50 points higher then I did in 573b. This makes me wondering if this effect can be used to make a new function to reinit the backbone while keeping the main structure in place? (Re-align to itself?)

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This appears to be caused by differences in the puzzle setup.

The recommended workaround is to cut the portions of the protein that are scoring poorly, wiggle, and then rejoin them.


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