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579 (<150): Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR662
Status: Closed


Name: 579 (<150): Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR662
Status: Closed
Created: 06/15/2012
Points: 100
Expired: 06/24/2012 - 12:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This is the fourth CASP10 Refinement Target. This model was the best server prediction for target T0662, generated by the Zhang server. We've been told that ~84% of this model matches the native, so you just need to find which 16% to refine! More info in the puzzle comments. For players with fewer than 150 global points.
Categories: Beginner

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If you are new to Foldit, here are detailed instructions to get you started:


This is the page for this CASP10 refinement target:

Note that the organizers give us this as a hint:

"N-term res. 1-4 are disordered in the native structure and removed from the starting model. Starting GDT_TS=84."

So, the first 4 residues have been deleted.

GDT_TS=84 essentially means that 84% of the model superimposes correctly onto the native structure:

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