Compilation of band suggestions

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Topic:Game: Tools
Opened by:Timo van der Laan
Opened on:Friday, June 8, 2012 - 09:01
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Just to give a helping hand to the devs.
All band suggestions bundled: posts with also other types of suggestions are NOT included
a. b.
c. d.
e. f.
g. h.
i. j.
k. l.
m. n.
o. p.
q. r.
s. t.
u. v.

Allready “solved”:
S1 S2
S3 (anti rubber bands) + (M10)
S4 (is now possible inside scripts)
S5 (pushing bands are possible)

Types of suggestion: I=interface, T=types/functionality, F=functions, M=misc
Suggestion summary:
T1. Make it possible to have “permanent” bands meaning that no script can inactivate or delete them, until such time that they are inactivated or deleted, manually. (a)
I2. Make current bandlength visible in the bandlength slider (b)
TF3. Make it possible to define and manipulate groups of bands (c) (j) (r 2 sets) (u functions only)
T4. Make it easy in the interface to create zero length bands, pins (d)
T5. More types: stop pull if close to target;really elastic bands (Force = -Cd or -Cd^2); really rigid bands. (e)
I6. combine the band length and strength sliders on the GUI into a simple cartesian grid, with length on one axis, strength on the other (f)
I7. Make band length dialog box movable (g) (l first one)
F8. Need current band length (IS DONE), also the origin of a band given the index and indexes of bands connecting to a segment (h)
M9. Wish: to have a tutorial for pushing bands (i)
M10. Add general slider for bandstrength like behavior slider (j) (S3 first)
T11. Make it possible to disable auto-snap of bands (k)
T12. Have linkable bands (m)
T13. Tension colouring bands (n) [Tvdl: I don’t get this one]
T14. Change the colour of the tip of the band when inside a guide (o)
I15. Make it possible to create bands in contact map box (p)
T16. Can we have coloured bands (q)
T17. Add movable anchor points for bands (s)
F18. Add set_default_band_strength function (t)

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Added Remove segment distance restriction on Lua 2 bands.

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Added about one-directional bands (like bumpers).

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In a symmetry design puzzle I'd like a scripting method to create a band which has one end at a specified position in a non-selected chain.


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