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--- Log opened Thu Jun 07 14:59:45 2012
mottiger spvincent present? 14:59
@rav3n_pl pencils down! 15:00
@rav3npl IMAGE: 15:00
@rav3n_pl 2 expoders, who have less? 15:01
@jflat06IRC so i'm mostly here just to answer any questions that you might have about the new website features that the blog post didn't cover 15:01
@rav3npl IMAGE: 15:01
@jflat06IRC have many of you read the blog post? 15:02
mottiger nope... no questions... just a big compliment 15:02
@rav3n_pl O_o 15:02
@jflat06IRC @mottiger, glad to hear it 15:02
@auntdeenisland jeff - nice work, a lot of thought and effort went into it 15:02
mottiger i'm not a big fan of all the thank yous and the 'wow, well done' but this thing is simple and nice 15:02
concoxide lol 15:03
@jflat06IRC i realize there are still a lot of issues with the display on the website, particularly in different browsers 15:03
@jflat06IRC we're working on getting those resolved! 15:03
@auntdeenisland and that oversized font, lol 15:04
@jflat06IRC yes, i know, lol 15:04
mottiger i see 571 already as open 15:04
@auntdeenisland I have one suggestion though 15:04
mottiger but my cravings arent't served *cough* 15:04
@auntdeenisland I know you were matching olympic and recognizable star colors 15:04
@jflat06IRC you can view the next version of it as 15:04
concoxide i like the oversized font . . easier to read 15:04
@auntdeenisland but in different browsers, etc 15:04
@auntdeenisland agh, my eyes 15:05
@auntdeenisland lol 15:05
@jflat06IRC not to your liking? 15:05
@auntdeenisland ... the green bars may be over the top... 15:05
mottiger not clickable in client :/ 15:06
@auntdeenisland especially with huge font :-) 15:06
@jflat06IRC right, i can try adjusting that as well 15:07
@auntdeenisland anyway - could you take the shadow off the stars? it's the same color in some browsers as the bronze 15:07
@auntdeenisland so the bottom of the star is flat instead of star shaped 15:07
@jflat06IRC hmmm the stars are just images. i might be able to get new ones 15:08
@jflat06IRC what browser are you running? 15:08
@auntdeenisland ff 11 on mac 15:08
@jflat06IRC old versions of IE do not support transparency, from my understanding 15:08
@auntdeenisland not at all 15:08
@auntdeenisland 6 is awful 15:08
@auntdeenisland will give you a grey background 15:08
spmm2 morning - I can't see shadows in IE or Firefox? maybe a bit early :) 15:09
concoxide lol 15:09
@auntdeenisland ... get that coffee, spmm 15:09
concoxide 6 more weeks of spring 15:09
@auntdeenisland :-) 15:09
@jflat06IRC i'm not sure i see them either 15:09
spmm2 ah I think it is the flat grey at the bottom - thought you couldn't do stars very well lol 15:10
@jflat06IRC oh, and mottinger 15:10
@jflat06IRC yes, we realize that puzzle should not be showing up 15:10
@jflat06IRC lol 15:10
@jflat06IRC i am working on hiding the unreleased puzzles, like they are elsewhere 15:11
@auntdeenisland rofl - yep, shadow at bottom 15:11
@jflat06IRC i literally just stole the images from the achievements 15:11
@jflat06IRC they can change when we get some more art 15:12
mottiger jflat: mottiger :) minus n :) do you have german ancestors *lol* 15:12
@jflat06IRC yes, sorry 15:12
@jflat06IRC lol 15:12
mottiger ottinger must be a common last name in germany because lot of germans spell that wrong :) 15:13
@auntdeenisland anyway, jeff - picky little things - overall excellent work and thank you 15:13
@jflat06IRC thank you 15:13
mottiger and please make cut tool available for all puzzles 15:13
mottiger 15:13
@jflat06IRC as i said in the blog post, part of the reason for this system is that we can post more puzzles 15:14
concoxide i like more puzzles 15:14
mottiger this would be awesome 15:14
@jflat06IRC yes mott, we'd like to do that 15:14
@jflat06IRC we're interested in doing things like symmetry during CASP, and seeing what cool things you guys can come up with 15:14
@jflat06IRC but as the scoreboards are set up currently, it'd be too much 15:14
@jflat06IRC (or rather, as they were set up) 15:15
@auntdeenisland afk & thanks again 15:15
mottiger ah okay, you already saw that issue :) 15:15
@jflat06IRC we know a lot of people like to play all puzzles 15:15
@rav3n_pl so nex puzzle will be dimmer/trimmer/ ? 15:16
@rav3n_pl but there is bit too much puzzles at once and 3 days ones are harsh 15:16
@jflat06IRC @rav, i'm not sure exactly what's being posted next, but we're definitely going to be posting some freestyle design symmetry puzzles 15:16
@rav3n_pl please make symmetry point visible 15:17
@jflat06IRC right, as we post more puzzles, it's going to become harder and harder to play them all, if you really want to do that 15:17
@rav3n_pl and bandabme ;] 15:17
@jflat06IRC you mean the symmetry axis? 15:17
@rav3n_pl *bandable 15:17
@rav3n_pl like in 1st symmetys 15:17
@rav3n_pl yes 15:17
@jflat06IRC i'll look into doing that 15:17
@rav3n_pl i want to knowh where the mirror is 15:18
adamjudd grammar:   "An acceptor. Connect with an donor atom..... 15:18
@jflat06IRC anyways, we're hoping that with this new scoring system, people will start to specialize more and concentrate on the areas they like best, instead of trying to do everything 15:18
@rav3n_pl it makes easier manipulation, no gusessing where the symmetry runs 15:18
@rav3n_pl yes, it can work that way :) 15:19
@jflat06IRC but for those of you who still want to do everything, we're going to try and help you with the skips that we've mentioned 15:19
harp I like that plan jflat 15:19
mottiger let me guess, david baker hired a few new working horses ehm phd students? 15:19
@rav3n_pl lmao! 15:20
@jflat06IRC @mottiger, sorry, what? 15:20
concoxide is it possible to display what recipes were used for specific puzzles that people do? 15:20
spmm2 yes I really think the new system with skips and categories and more puzzles will work well worth a try 15:20
@rav3n_pl hey, screnshoots are saved to desktop? 15:20
@rav3n_pl since when? 15:20
mottiger more puzzle means more projects, not? 15:20
@jflat06IRC oh 15:21
@jflat06IRC well actually 15:21
@jflat06IRC we've had more puzzles ready, and lots of projects that we want to run 15:21
@jflat06IRC the limiting factor has always been that the puzzle load was too large 15:21
@jflat06IRC and we didn't want to kill you 15:21
@jflat06IRC lol 15:21
concoxide thank you for not killing us 15:21
concoxide i appreciate it 15:21
@jflat06IRC it is desirable to keep you alive :P 15:21
@rav3n_pl jeff: code my gab bis to rosetta and throw small mutable puzzles to it :) 15:21
concoxide lol 15:21
@jflat06IRC but seriously, we value our players and really want to make sure we're not making the game too time consuming in order to be competitive 15:22
mottiger wow, sarcasm seems to work via chat 15:22
@rav3n_pl <sarcasm> orly? </sarcasm> 15:22
spmm2 lol rav 15:23
concoxide i feel safe now 15:23
spmm2 it should really help new players as well having a variety 15:23
jeff101 plain text is easy to misinterpret 15:23
@jflat06IRC please remember that the scoring system is still in testing, and there may be some bugs that need fixing, or adjustments that need to happen 15:23
@rav3n_pl like 40`000 pts? 15:24
@rav3n_pl :D 15:24
@jflat06IRC yes, spmm, we're actually partially working under the hypothesis that the reason why foldit tends to have a fairly constant number of active players is because there are only so many 'good' spots on the leaderboard 15:24
concoxide i think it is mistakenly dividing my score by pi 15:24
@jflat06IRC so this is partially an experiment to see if we can increase the number of active players 15:25
concoxide good thinking 15:25
@jflat06IRC which would let us work on even more projects 15:25
adamjudd achievements for recruitment 15:25
concoxide is there an android app? 15:25
@rav3n_pl rofl 15:26
concoxide lol 15:26
@jflat06IRC as soon as someone ports rosetta to android, we can look into getting foldit on there :P 15:26
@rav3n_pl ur adroid device have 1GB ram and 2 cores? 15:26
jeff101 the screen is so small too 15:26
spmm2 that would be good - still a steep learning curve though and frankly I don't see any top ten players that don't run 24x7 with multiple clients 15:26
@jflat06IRC yes, we agree 15:27
@jflat06IRC in addition to these changes, we're thinking up ways to also custom fit the beginner category to new players 15:27
@jflat06IRC because right now, it's somewhat nonsensical 15:27
spmm2 OnLIve are now streaming MS Office to android and iPads fyi 15:28
spmm2 actually Mark & SteveB seem to be the only ones who don't grind 15:29
jeff101 how can one play 24/7 without scripts? 15:29
concoxide could you split the score board up by the players overall rank? .. . kind of like lightweight / heavyweight 15:29
@rav3n_pl mark can... lol 15:30
concoxide that way beginners have a better chance of being at the top 15:30
concoxide so they don't get discouraged 15:30
@rav3n_pl thats why have <15 nad <150 puzzles 15:30
@rav3n_pl for newbs 15:30
@jflat06IRC @concoxide, that's the reason for the beginner leaderboard 15:30
@jflat06IRC but we definitely want to provide more support for our newer players, in addition to that 15:31
spmm2 in the new system you can get to the top in 30 puzzles 15:31
jeff101 I like "TOP NEW USERS" 15:31
@jflat06IRC yes, spmm 15:31
@jflat06IRC and with skips, it will be easier as well 15:31
@jflat06IRC because a new player only has to play 30 minus the number of skips to be in the running 15:31
@jflat06IRC please remember that some of the numbers (such as window size, and number of skips) are subject to change 15:32
@jflat06IRC we're still trying to figure out the best values! 15:32
spmm2 also foldit is just not for everyone - people at work think I'm nuts when I show them and those are people that I think would like it 15:32
@jflat06IRC haha 15:32
*** mode/#global [+o tamirh] by ChanServ 15:32
mottiger is there a chance that 571 is set up soon? 15:32
@rav3n_pl jeff: make graphs :) 5 puzze moving avg, 10, 30, all time :D 15:33
@jflat06IRC @mottiger, i'm not sure on the timeline 15:33
mottiger yeah rav, i like graphs 15:33
@jflat06IRC @rav, we'd like to provide you more feedback like that 15:33
@jflat06IRC one of the thigns we have in the mix for when we introduce skips 15:33
@jflat06IRC is that there will be a page which shows you exactly which puzzles are being counted towards your score 15:33
@jflat06IRC for each category 15:34
spmm2 yes infjamc will need that :P 15:34
@jflat06IRC so that you can tell if the next puzzle to slide off the window is a high scoring one, meaning you should definitely try to set another high score 15:34
@jflat06IRC lol 15:34
@jflat06IRC but as it stands, it should already be much clearer which puzzles count 15:35
@jflat06IRC anyways, i wanted to make sure people had a chance for a Q&A session related to the new scoreboards and categories 15:37
@jflat06IRC are there any last questions? 15:37
mottiger nope 15:37
gmn jflat--can you get the clients and the website closing times to match up better? 15:37
jeff101 how is Foldit doing in the CASP competition? 15:38
spmm2 is there any chance of showing your rank next to the active puzzle on your web page? 15:38
@jflat06IRC @jeff101, we wont know that until they start releasing the natives 15:38
gmn spmm--that would be nice 15:38
@jflat06IRC @gmn, how far off are they? 15:38
@jflat06IRC @spmm2, your puzzle rank? or the category rank for each category? 15:39
gmn 567 still shows over 15 houyrs left in CASP page 15:39
spmm2 my puzzle rank 15:39
gmn not closed yet 15:39
spmm2 so dynamic 15:39
@jflat06IRC oh, yes, that's a bug 15:40
@jflat06IRC for some reason the expiration time on the leaderboards is just show the GMT time of the site instead of the actual expire time 15:40
@jflat06IRC is that the one you're talking about? 15:41
gmn yes--checking 569 as well 15:41
@jflat06IRC ok, yes, i'm looking into that 15:41
spmm2 last played does that as well I think on personal page 15:41
gmn that explains it for me though--tx 15:41
@jflat06IRC yes, there's some php function that they're using which is called 'smartdate'... except it doesn't seem to be doing anything smart 15:42
gmn lol 15:42
@rav3n_pl sec, if client say it is expired - it IS expired? bug on site? 15:42
@jflat06IRC the puzzle page itself should always reflect the correct state, i think 15:43
@jflat06IRC the scoreboards are only refreshed once an hour, so sometimes they might appear to be slightly off 15:44
@jflat06IRC i believe if the client says it is expired, that should be correct as well 15:44
gmn 569 website seems to show gmt as well (ends at 23:59) while client says 16:59--both for june 8th 15:44
@jflat06IRC right - i'm not sure why that is. again, it's probably that stupid 'smart' function 15:45
jeff101 computers can win at Chess and Jeopardy, but they can still be stupid 15:45
gmn i guess i made my point :P 15:45
@jflat06IRC i'll stay in chat a little longer, but i'll post the end of the log here 15:45
TimovdL The category page of CASP has not updated yet 15:46
@jflat06IRC thanks for the feedback regarding the new scoring system! 15:46
gmn i like the way it is plitting into categories 15:46

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