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568: Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR644
Status: Closed


Name: 568: Beginner CASP10 Refinement Puzzle: TR644
Status: Closed
Created: 06/02/2012
Points: 100
Expired: 06/10/2012 - 19:00
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: This is the first CASP10 Refinement Target. This model was the best server prediction for target T0644, generated by the SAM-T08 server. We've been told that ~85% of this model matches the native, so you just need to find which 15% to refine! More info in the puzzle comments.
Categories: CASP10, Overall, Prediction

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More info here:

This is the page for this CASP10 refinement target:

This was the page for the previous Foldit puzzles for this protein:

You'll notice that indeed that previous puzzle had a register shift (assuming this starting model is correct in that region).

Note that the organizers give us this as a hint:

"Starting model's GDT_TS=85. Residues 1-25 are absent from the experimental structure and deleted from the model."

So, unfortunately the first 25 residues have been deleted (and we'll never know where that helix went, it was probably a transmembrane anchor.) Therefore residue #1 on this puzzle corresponds to residue #26 on the previous versions.

GDT_TS=85 essentially means that 85% of the model superimposes correctly onto the native structure:

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Do we know which SAM-T08

Do we know which SAM-T08 model was the best?

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Model 1:

We believe that SAM-T08-server_TS1.pdb is identical to the refinement model (except that it obviously doesn't have the first 25 residues trimmed!).

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