On 561 registered score does not correspond to my final score

Case number:699969-992812
Opened by:christioanchauvin
Opened on:Friday, June 1, 2012 - 02:14
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I showed 10080.3..and my rank was 5
I am registered 10077 rank 8.
Not that it is of utmost importance for me

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you mean on Puzzle 563?

And obviously your rank was 5 on the scoreboard BEFORE the puzzle closed, right (not afterwards)?

Thanks for bringing this up, hopefully we can figure out what is going on.

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Right 563
I was continuously in front of my screen during 19 minutes BEFORE the end.
I noted an anomaly ,current score of one player did not move
at 10959 while his best score was at 10979.

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Are you sure that the client connection was still working?
If that connection is lost you get no warning, scores of other players never change, only score of yourself change. (Happened to me a long time ago, so now I allways check on the site if my score there is the same as in the puzzle before closing).
If not, close Foldit, restart and restore best score will update.

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Is there a way to know through the log file if connection was up or down ?
what is sure is that connection was working few minutes later when i checked
my rank and reported the anomaly (02h14)

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It is the connection from the game client that is lost sometimes. That is different from the connections you make via a browser. And when that is lost, it will not recover, you can not share solutions or refresh shared solutions and more of that.

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The same thing happened to me on 565. I noticed the client connection was lost when I tried to share my best with my group and was unable to connect. Closing and reopening the client reconnected me and I was able to share and my score updated.

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I'm surprised this doesnt come up more often, since the regular update connection to the server, got lengthened.

I find it's a good habit to get into, to keep the puzzle webpage open as deadline approaches. If there is a discrepancy between what you see in-game, and what is recorded on the webpage, then close the client with a minute to go, reopen it fresh, and go back to that puzzle. It'll force a reconnect to the server, and register your score.


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Thank you all,i learnt something .


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