Developer Preview Release

Hey everyone!

We've just released an update to the Developer Preview with the following new features and bug fixes -

General -
* A profanity filter has been added for the in-game chat
* A language selector is now available on the login screen, allowing you to choose a translation
* When posting a screenshot to chat, the contents of the chat windows is now blanked out

Cutpoints -
* The cut tool is now available in the Selection Interface by selecting 2 adjacent residues.

Alignment Tool -
* Secondary structures are now assigned when threading

Bug Fixes -
* The windows client wasn't closing handles properly - should be fixed
* Fixed a bug in the Mac client where keypresses were sometimes being duplicated, resulting in double-paste and double-undos (among other things)
* Non-ASCII characters should be supported better

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Human Aging

A meaningful project´╝ü

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SS Assigment

Alignment Tool -
* Secondary structures are now assigned when threading

One of the ways I evaluate an alignment/template is how well it matches the SAM prediction (which I may have modified). I like what you've done, but not all the time. Please make this optional. Thanks muchly.

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@brow42 Looks like we have a feedback for this!
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