Why not post the slightly oversized CASP10 targets as contests?

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Evening all

CASP10 is having a slow start this time around (I'm not complaining!)

Given that we have only seen 2 out of the first 10 possible targets, but there are 4 other targets that are sized 205, 195, 182 and 210 segs. Would it be a huge amount of work, to release them as contests? That way we could satisfy our curiosity, it would be entirely voluntary and wouldnt affect global ranks.

Sounds like a win win to me :)


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Or some low (10pts) scoring ones?

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Yes, I would like to see these and try them just for fun, at least.

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It's win-win except for beta_helix that has to post them ;-)

Setting up these puzzles with the alignment tool is a bit time consuming, but I would be happy to post one of the server models for each of these as either a Contest or in Gallery Mode.

A contest might be better since it wouldn't confuse new players and you can still compete on the Contest Leaderboard.

Does that sound good?
Let me know if you'd prefer a RosettaServer model (which will score well but be hard to get out of any local minima) or a Quark/Zhang model. Alternatively, I could just post these as a freestyle puzzle starting from an extended chain.

BTW today's target might not be a very fun one since it's a Membrane Protein!

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I have an overwhelming urge to reinstall GTA: San Andreas...this will severely cut into folding time though.

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sorry I should have made a comment to the video :)

I don't think it is nuts to post them. I can handle big puzzles. The video just popped into my mind when I've read 'membrane protein'

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Would it be possible to put back in the Contest list the following very big protein please:

CASP9 Target 611 residue protein.

It is still in use in my Test your PC power contest but we are near to the deadline and I'd like to open a new one again (since the Foldit algorithm changed since then).

Different test results for the past are present here:
Test your PC power


(note: It's also used in The Marathon of Foldit - New Chapter)

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Where can I see these puzzles in my list ?

I went to the puzzle above and I cliked on
"Need this puzzle? Download it to your Foldit here"
then I got a message saying
"Puzzle Added to you game ! Check your puzzle list !"

but I didn't find this puzzle in "expired puzzles" looking for 611 or CASP or whatever ?

Is there a way to find it in my list ?


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