555: residue # 16 locked in place

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Try running a band from # 16 ALA to anything and wiggling. It doesn't move.

(It does, however, move if you manually push it or pull it.)

I created a sheet and banded each residue to its counterpart in the core sheet. When I wiggled, the sheet I created bent in the middle at # 16, then twisted. # 16 acts the same way if it's made part a helix, or even a loop.

I know beta_helix said # 7 is frozen... but # 16?? No reason for it. I call "bug".

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I have the same problem, although it seems to be both 16 and 17 that are locked. I can rotate them about their shared axis but not move them from their location using bands. I am currently unable to play the puzzle.

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Yap, wiggle lock strikes again. #16 and #17 locked.

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Yes agreed, brow wrote a script to check this - http://fold.it/portal/recipe/39029 which may be of assistance for debugging. I haven't noticed a constraint on 16, 17 however strength 10 bands do not move those two segments at all, bands certainly work on other unlocked segments.

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Because we want to preserve the frozen sheets and disulfide bond across the symmetric interface, we had to turn off the move tool and lock residue 7 as well.

Segs 1,2,3,4,5,6...and 17 are wiggle locked, wiggle score with a str 10 band is the same as without a band. 7 is grey colored but wiggles (I have a red constraint).

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Duplicate to:

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As Rav pointed out, this is a duplicate. Closing this feedback.


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