Won't open properly for windows vista

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I downloaded the game and there wasn't much of an issue, but when I try start the game to play an error box pops up. The top says "SHUTDOWN ERROR" and the inside says "Could Not Unregister Class". When I click okay(which is the only option) another box pops up that says "ERROR" across the top and on the inside "Can't Create A GL Rendering Context".

I'm pretty computer stupid, so I don't know what either of these mean or how to fix them.

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Try run as administrator.
In what directory you have foldit installed? In "program files"?

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Same thing happens when I try to run it as administrator. I've tried putting it in "program files" as well as in it's own folder straight to the C:/ drive

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I'm having the exact same problem. It tells me that if the problem persists I should install the most recent version - Welp. This is the most recent version.

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could you put the log file here?

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"ERROR" across the top and on the inside "Can't Create A GL Rendering Context".
This idnicates some video driver error on OPENGL spec. Try upgrade vido driver.


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