7-3 Mass Mutate

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Opened on:Sunday, May 6, 2012 - 19:53
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Just like with swappin sidechains, it seems the initial score was bumped down, so i can only get a top score of 8742, where the required amount is 8745

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nevermind, just gotta do it a few times and get lucky, youll get 8747

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With the new update from today:
if you keep mutating the sidechains, you'll eventually get a Mutate Sidechains Button.
Pressing that will get you at least 8747 (as long as you have the newest update).

More help here:


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I have the latest update and not abale to get past 8741.
I have let the mutate sidechains button run for some time without improvement.
Did the lastest scoring mods affect the possible tutorial puzzle totals?

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Attempting to flip case to open

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Have you updated recently? I am able to beat this puzzle on my test machine.

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Yes, most recent update.
It turns out that if you don't follow the intended path, change a couple side-chains to get the new tool, you end up in a position where you can't complete the puzzle. I reset the puzzle to start from scratch and immediately changed two side-chains, got the tool and ran it. Puzzle completed.
So bascially don't stray to far from the intended path or you end up in a dead-end alley.


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