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Opened by:Mike Cassidy
Opened on:Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 03:27
Last modified:Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 11:39

The score needed to evolve was not adjusted when you adjusted the scores, at least on 547:

Mat: 9623 needs 9757 to evolve
spdenne: 9680 needs 9815 to evolve
steve: 9667 needs 9802 to evolve
spmm: 9683 needs 9818 to evolve

I am on devprev and a MAC.
All the other puzzles are OK.

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Thanks for mentioning this Mike. On 547 our 9561 (top) evolver solution required 9716 points to evolve. I am also on devprev win7 and all other puzzles currently function correctly.

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Just opened a 547 solution at 9566 that requires 9662 points to solve.

I am in main on Win 7 Starter.

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Are you saying when we adjusted the scores with the pi-helix fix? If so, that hasn't been released yet, so this appears to be a bug of another sort.

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You adjusted the scores in this puzzle, relative to the previous Electron Density puzzle, according to how well the solution fit into the electron density, so solutions from the earlier puzzle didn't score as well, but still needed their original score + 2 to evolve.

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Okay, I understand the issue now. A temporary workaround might be to evolve the solution in the expired puzzle, and then load your evolved solution into the new puzzle, though I don't know if you can evolve a solution in an expired puzzle.

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I had the same issue, I thought the scoring function had already been changed in the main release.
I'm on win7 main, latest main client.

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This is only an issue on solutions that were loaded from 544 into 547. Once loaded into 547, the 544 scores were lowered. Sharing this will require the higher score to evo.

It wasn't a problem to evo a solution that was started fresh in 547. Only the loaded shares from 544 required the high points to evo.

Hopefully, that is fixed on next round of puzzles that allow loading of old solutions.

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It was probably caused by changes in scoring function.
It can be also this way if someone drop score then share - best score is stored anyway and you need beat it to evolve.


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