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Hi everyone!

We are in the process of adding some fixes to the score function in Foldit to address some exploits which players have discovered. In particular, players have been creating pi-helices, and are scoring well because of these. Pi-helices are actually very rare, and the reason they score so well in Foldit is because Rosetta (The software which Foldit is based on) isn't clever enough to ever make them in the first place, so the pi-helix case was never considered.

In order to address this issue, we need to make some small tweaks to the score function in Foldit. Doing this, however, can make the new client score better/worse than the old client. So in order to keep things fair, we are going to be releasing a required update to everyone very soon.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE - make sure your client is up to date with the most recent update. If you are using an old client, YOUR SCORES WILL NOT BE LOGGED. You will not receive any indication that anything is wrong, and even the in-game scoreboards will show you as improving, when in reality you are not. Our last main update addresses this issue, and if you have that client, you will receive a pop-up which will inform you that your scores are not being logged, and that you need to update.

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Please don't do this

I had reverted to main and had no more hard hangs with my computer ( I only allowed the update that brought devprev into main a couple days ago.

Today I've had another two hard hangs requiring me to shut the computer off with the button - the Finder stops responding. The commonality is a flu puzzle and the current client. I guess it's my problem and my fault for having a Mac - but this is also my work computer, and I just can't afford to spend any more time with this issue. One of the hard hangs last week corrupted my VMWare and my virtual windows - I had to go back into my time machine to restore - and it cost me 5 hours of work to restore both.

There are still many folders having "normal" crashes - many of them! - on all OS across the board.

Please rethink this move!

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If I may attempt to simplify the statement a bit, because it kept confusing me...

- Effective immediately scores sent to the server by old clients (prior to version 2012-04-12 48422M) in the field will no longer be taken into account.

- Please update / upgrade to the latest client mentioned above as soon as possible.

- The mentioned client has code that will show a popup as soon as there is an even newer version and will then stop sending scores to the server to force you into upgrading.

- By always automatically upgrading, you will get the latest version which always allows scores.

Is this any clearer ?
Will this be the final update before CASP 10 ?

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notification of upgrade(s)

given the timezones it would be great to know when the upgrades are planned so we can stop unattended scripts.
Otherwise it would seem(?) that we may inadvertently have a high score locally which will not be recognised and be difficult to back down from without restarting the puzzle from scratch.

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Why breaking scripts?

Just let it end, save solution/s manually, restart client and load solutions to find best scoring one.
It is good to have tracks and make some manual saves form time to time :)
And yes, notification is crucial.

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Apologies for what many considered my tone above...

I assume that's why my reporting of a serious system issue was down-rated.

I was pretty frustrated - I had just opened my client from the second system hang to see your notification.

It's certainly not your problem if I can't play flu puzzles, it's mine. I'll really miss them, because I enjoy them.

I did say above that I am not the only person having problems with flu puzzles, please be sure to read the newer comments in these feedbacks:

Many folders tend to think that their crashes are personal... it takes a while for people to mention the problems and then start realizing that the issue is systemic, and not just theirs alone. Only a handful will post feedback or comments in feedbacks. Unless an issue is very obvious - it simply means that it takes a while for us to know that it is a shared issue.

I have been seeing in my group and in global that many folders are having crashes and hangs, some frequently, and that it is usually either related to a flu puzzle, occasionally an ED puzzle, or they have a client open with a flu puzzle. This is happening in all OS, and it appears to be all versions of OS.

I do appreciate and understand the need for a level playing field... it's just that at the moment, with this client, it seems that there are still a few rocks in the field.

Once you have converted us all to the one client, I would really appreciate any information on how I might be able to play the flu puzzles without the OS system hangs. Thank you.

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two separate problems

There seem to be two problems reported in the posts mentioned above:

crash cased by use of move tool followed very quickly by a wiggle - this should be straightforward to test, and there is an easy workaround, wait a second before you wiggle.

crashes caused by flu puzzles - this has been an undocumented feature of foldit at least since I have been playing. (Win7 with 8G RAM and and i7-72) flu puzzles crash.

I never try to run a new flu puzzle with another client or anything much else open. One of the recent large flu puzzles was unplayable for me (489), it crashed as soon as I wiggled - the last two are ok.

I strongly support doing the client update as soon as possible.

What this does highlight is that we could all be better at reporting crashes on flu puzzles to give the developers better information.
You do seem to be doing ok on the current flu puzzle though Dee, Rank 31 :P

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Scoring problem?

What does any of this discussion have to do with fixing a scoring problem?

If there is a scoring loophole, it needs to get fixed, pronto !

Otherwise, people will continue to take advantage of it, and then, what's the point? Only the cheaters will prosper.

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new client

B_2 we already had once the problem that adding new features or changing something in the script caused major problem which were hard to fix or aren't even fixed yet.
So auntdeen's suggestion is first to fix the client as it is right now before changing the scoring

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Sorry, I thought I had posted a reply to this but I apparently forgot to actually hit save.

To clarify - there are 3 versions of the game I'm referring to.

1. The version BEFORE the current main client.
2. The current main client.
3. The planned Pi-Helix fix client.

Version 1 will give no indication that the client is out of date. Version 2 was introduced to add a pop-up which informs you that your client is out of date. Version 3 contains the actual fix (yet to be released, we're finishing up internal testing).

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I've never seen pop up even though I take all updates.

Is the most recent update the 3rd one you are referring to? I ask because it changed my score dramatically.

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