Open handles remain open

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I find that foldit opens handles and leaves them open. After two weeks of running my machine I have 540.000+ handles... That cannot be right. The number only goes up, never down. Could you please check for a deallocation of handles issue ? After a while the system also tends to get sluggish, this may be related.

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The count is now well over 1 million handles...

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If your client hasn't crashed by now, consider yourself lucky.

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On Windows 7, the most prolific handle type that Foldit holds, is a Thread handle

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I have checked and can confirm that the handles are being allocated by Foldit. The machine also does get slow after a while. Currently there are 410.000 handles generated in 23 hours. The only remedy I have found so far is to stop the clients, exit them and then restart them. There is no need to restart Windows, just the clients. In task manager you can see the count drop heavily when a client is stopped. Easily by over 100.000 per client. Is it possible that every 'move' in the client allocates a handle ?

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I remember when programs just crashed when they hit 10,000 handles in Windows 2000.

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It is 400`000 after 2 days and rising...

I think there is something in calling game_library.dll - it leaves open handle on close.

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This should be fixed and will go out in the next update.


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