543 flu crashes

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Opened by:alwen
Opened on:Sunday, April 15, 2012 - 15:02
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I'm on Win7, and usually FoldIt is pretty stable, but

if I work on the 543 flu puzzle, then switch to a different puzzle, FoldIt freezes. If I am working on my solo, and try to load and work on an evo, FoldIt freezes. If I've been working on another puzzle, and try to switch to 543 flu, FoldIt freezes.

I haven't been trying to reproduce the crash situation, since obviously I'm trying to play and not crash, but this particular puzzle seems to be responsible.

I decided to start a thread for this puzzle's crash problems since none came up when I searched.

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This could be related to the computer hangs I'm having (on mac OS) when trying to do a save when a flu puzzle is open...

Also, I'm hearing a lot of people saying that they are hanging or crashing with a flu puzzle open - seems to be win & mac, haven't heard anyone on linux with the problem. It also seems to be both main & devprev.

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I'm on Windows XP, devprev, and the client crashed on 543 while running a script overnight.

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It's devprev and main, then, because I'm in main.

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I'm on Win7 using the main client and foldit has crashed when I tried switching to 543.

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Did anyone who is having crashes with 543 have the same crashes with 532 (since they are very similar puzzles)?

Thanks for reporting this crash in "main" and "devprev"

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I didn't have crashes with 532. (Also Win XP, devprev.)

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On win7 prof and devprev: had no crashes on 543 or 532.

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The last two weeks I have encountered a more hangs as usual.
Running 2 main clients and 1 dev on a Windows 7 64bit system. (Flu was involved)
The one I had yesterday was really annoying.
In dev all the autosave files for the Quest puzzle were gone.
Question: how is this possible? Are all files when updating thrown away in one go and then replaced by the new ones? If so, please change that to file after file.
Lost about 6 hours of banding work.

On my Win7 32bit system (running 1 client, more is too much), I have never seen a hang not caused by myself.

Also, I have heard lots of complaints of my teammembers of crashes/hangs lately. Mostly when running at least one Flu puzzle.

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You have installed dev and main in seperate locations? If not - blame yourself...
When you run main client then dev on same track it can overwrite saves. dev->main same way.

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Of course I use different directories for dev and main. And running multiple clients on main I always make sure they use different tracks even if not on the same puzzle.

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UPDATE: for the last 3 days, running devprev on win7, had crashes to desktop with win7 message window "Foldit has crashed" and only "Close program". This is clients running all puzzle but after, not immediately after, the flu puzzle client has crashed.

Attached file is last part of log.txt file after the last win7 message box was closed.

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main client, OS X, crashed on the current immunodesign puzzle

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undocumented feature - frozen or semi frozen puzzles - like flu may crash the client - particularly if you are trying to load a guide into a solo or evo solution. It will usually restart and load perfectly in either case.

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yeah i think when i tried to look at my solutions via guide. i think it is not helpful to have 3 tracks on the same site of the target

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Possibly unrelated but maybe not...interesting that you mention frozen puzzles being less stable.

I opened immunotherapy 2 for the FIRST time. I went into atom mode. I went into design mode. I clicked the segment on the end of the helix (habit) and it said 'cannot insert or delete here'. I right clicked it, mutated it to gly, and it crashed (mutate menu didn't even fade). I literally had not done ANYTHING else to it, not even a wiggle, and it was the very first load of the puzzle.

Upon restarting and loading...mutated fine.


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