New Immunomodulation Design Puzzle Series

We were so impressed by the Foldit results from last week's Flu Puzzle ( that we like to see what you can come up with in a similar challenge.

A part of the human immune system is the T cell; this cell is able to recognize infected cells. However sometimes these T cells recognize just normal human cells and this may cause an autoimmune disease. Luckily a ‘stop’ button has been found on the T cells, if a moiety binds to the CTLA-4 protein on the outside of the T cell it will slow down. We are therefore trying to find a key that fits inside a lock of the CTLA-4 protein and in that way can act as a stop button.

Since the binding region of CTLA-4 is known, we’ll give you 3 linked residues and your job is try to fit them into this constrained region of CTLA-4.

We are very excited to see what designs you will come up with for this new series of puzzles!

We will have a Scientist Chat with EvdH (who is working on this in the Baker Lab) so you can ask him any questions before we post the puzzle:

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Just to clarify, will we be designing something to bind to the CTLA-4 protein produced by the tumor, so that protein does not bind to a T-cell?

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this question was answered in the Scientist Chat:
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