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532: Beginner Flu Puzzle
Status: Closed


Name: 532: Beginner Flu Puzzle
Status: Closed
Created: 03/19/2012
Points: 100
Expired: 03/28/2012 - 23:59
Difficulty: Beginner
Description: In this puzzle we are trying to determine the best locations to place two linked residues on the surface of Influenza H3 Hemagglutinin. We have given you distance constraints because we know the general region in which we want you to place to residues. However, we don't know exactly where is the best spot; look for good hydrophobic pockets or residues to make strong hydrogen bonds to. If you are new to Foldit, make sure you have completed Intro Puzzle 5-2, and 7-1 through 7-4 before trying this puzzle.
Categories: Design, Overall

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i need some sites to work with protein crystals data to solve for the coordinates

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Thanks for asking...

It might be best (at least for this puzzle) not to share your high scoring solutions outside your group.

Since there might not be THAT many different high-scoring configurations for this puzzle, it would be a pity to have all the top-scoring solutions be very similar across different Foldit teams.

You could always post your solutions after the puzzle closes to show others (they can still learn once the puzzle has ended).

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Question on this one

I've been noticing in evo that the high scoring solutions seem to be mutated, and was just wondering if that is what you're looking for.

That is, are we looking for the best site for these two residues, or the best spot overall?

Joined: 06/17/2010
All mutable

puzzles are to find best space/sidechain type confirmation.
If we can mutate - do it! :D

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That's right, we are trying

That's right, we are trying to find the best residue/position not just the best spot for the starting residue.

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