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Opened on:Monday, March 5, 2012 - 15:20
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Using devprev latest version, with Macintosh Mini running Lion.

When launching recipes that start by displaying current high score, the high score displayed is wrong and somewhat lower than the actual number. You can see an example of this here:


How to reproduce:

1. In current puzzle, hit "A" to restore high score. (any puzzle will do)
2. Run "d9 - Retribution" and display recipe output (any script that starts by displaying current high score will do).


You should now see two different numbers for current high score. This should be easy to trace.

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I spoke too quickly. The two recipes I tried both displayed the same problem but others do not. I guess it depends on the method script uses to find high score.

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Some old scripts are using segments scores and/or can not handle negative score.


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